RAWR-some Gifts for the Dinosaur Fan in Your Life

Arts & Crafts Gifts

Explore our kids' arts & crafts kits for a creative holiday gift. From animal rock painting to mold-and-paint dinosaurs, these kits foster artistic skills and inspire imagination. Gift the joy of endless creativity and enjoy their masterpieces!

Puzzles & Games

Embark on a dino adventure this holiday with board games and puzzles for all ages. From the SUE the T. rex puzzle to Fossil Canyon and Dino World, these games provide hours of fun and learning, perfect for gifting this season. Explore the world of dinosaurs today!

Dino Science Kits

Delve into paleontology with our Dig-a-Dinosaur Triceratops, nurture a Dino Plant Pet, or create volcanoes with our Volcano Making Kit. These engaging toys and kits combine science and fun for a memorable dinosaur-themed holiday. Give young explorers a hands-on STEM adventure to treasure.

Cuddly Pals

From the white tiger to the Triceratops and T. rex in Field Museum attire, our plush toys offer warmth and joy for all ages. These cuddly companions spark imagination and adventure. Embrace the magic of huggable friends this holiday and let smiles brighten the season!

Dino Books & Stationary

Kids adore dinosaurs, with their captivating stories perfect for read-alouds. Explore our dinosaur children's books for thrilling, educational, and fun options like "When Dinosaurs Conquered the Skies" by Jingmai O'Connor, delving into dinosaur evolution.

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