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Fungi Collection

Celebrate the magical, strange, and beautiful kingdom of mushrooms with our stunning collection of fungi-themed gifts. These whimsical pieces are the perfect all-occasion gift that will delight any nature lover.
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Jurassic Oceans

While dinosaurs ruled on land, reptiles reigned over the oceans. Dive into our collection of strange animals, whales, sharks, and the modern animals that evolved from these prehistoric seas creatures.

Red Palm Nut Figurine

The marble figurine is a miniature, inspired by the iconic bronze. A lyrical, light rendition of the magical, transcendent moment Dr. Jane Goodall has referred to as her fondest memory of her early time with the Gombe wild chimpanzee and of David Greybeard, “a very special chimpanzee”.

Wild Color

In Wild Color, dive into the color spectrum as you make your way through immersive rooms, each representing a color of the rainbow. Our vibrant collection inspired by the exhibit will spark joy when you bring home a colorful piece to brighten up your space.
Featuring the Little Scientist 500 piece puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

Why go outside when you can stay cozy inside? We have just the right puzzle to keep you occupied!
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