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Opens March 13, 2020

Every new exhibition brings with it a fresh challenge; how best can we represent the exhibition and its content in the store assortment? To that end, Apsáalooke Women and Warriors provided one of the most exciting opportunities in recent memory for the buying team. Meetings with the exhibition project manager, working closely with the curators, and collaborating with the Apsáalooke artists featured in the exhibition were important steps to putting together the assortment. We even made a trip out to Crow Fair in Montana as guests of the curator's family - to experience for ourselves the vibrant culture and colorful arts of this warm and inviting people. It was an adventure we'll cherish for a long time to come, and an experience that informed the selection of each and every product we've brought into the store.

We are excited to share with you these very special works of art: beadwork, jewelry, photography, artwork, and design, all of which were sourced from, designed and handcrafted by, or developed in collaboration with Native Americans, not just from the Apsáalooke tribe, but also artists with other tribal ancestry who have connections to the featured Apsáalooke artists in the exhibition. We've learned so much on this amazing journey...we hope you love the products as much as we've enjoyed selecting them especially for you!

~Mark Kanazawa, Senior Buyer, Museum Stores

Collage of products and artists that will be featured in the Apsáalooke exhibition store
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