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Carnosaurus Figurine

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The Carnosaurus was a huge predator measuring up to 13 m in length. It was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs which ever lived. This replica model has a long, narrow neck and a solid muscular body which is extraordinarily powerful. With its mouth open, it is in the attack position with its weight on its long rear legs, which were very strong and perfect for running. Its short front legs had three fingers. The large claws to be seen on the four feet provided an extraordinary weapon of attack. Its tail, which is long and thick at the base, provided a counterweight for its body when leaning forward. It has a  movable jaw, allowing you to appreciate its fearsome dagger-like teeth in great detail.


  • Size: 5.9" x 2" x 3.1"
  • Hand painted PVC model
  • For ages 3 years and up

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