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Blue & Yellow Triceratops Plush

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Every dinosaur has a distinct feature, and the triceratops is no exception with its mighty horns. With two on top of its head and a softer, shorter horn on its snout, the Triceratops used them often for self-defense against meat-eating predators. Big horns mean a big head, in fact their head ended up being almost one third of the entire body mass on this dino. This curious creature was always on the hunt for the best plants to munch on. Also, they were one of the dinosaurs that lived all the way up to extinction. Our cute plushie version makes for the perfect birthday gift for kids or unique gift for adults. This plushie is a beautiful blue rendition with high-quality markings.


  • Size: 12"
  • For ages newborn and up
  • Surface washable

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