Great Beards of Science Adult T-Shirt

Great Beards of Science Adult T-Shirt

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This Great Beards of Science Tee features many scientists who could rock a beard. Hurrah for those hipsters of wisdom!

This shirt features:
Leonardo da Vinci - polymath
Thomas Henry Huxley - biologist
Johannes Kepler - mathematician, astronomer
Ernst Mach - physicist
August Kekulé - organic chemist
Daniel Hale Williams - physician
Herbert Spencer - biologist, anthropologist
Gilbert Lewis - physical chemist
Ivan Pavlov - physiologist
Charles Darwin - naturalist, geologist, biologist
George Washington Carver - agricultural scientist
Dmitri Mendeleev - chemist
Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin - geologist
Edward Bouchet - physicist
Alexander Graham Bell - engineer & inventor
John Tyndall - physicist
Robert Bunsen - chemist
Walther Hermann Nernst - chemist
Galileo Galilei - astronomer, physicist
Alexander Murray - geologist
Sir William Crookes - chemist & physicist
James Clerk Maxwell - mathematical physics
Norbert Rillieux - chemical engineer, inventor
Alfred Nobel - chemist, engineer, inventor

  • Material: 52% cotton, 48% polyester
  • Unisex adult fit
  • Dyed with eco-friendly, low-water practices