The Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia

The Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia

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Discover the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that once roamed across Earth and commanded the oceans and seas. Completely revised with comprehensive text and new images, The Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia brings dinosaur enthusiasts closer to prehistoric life than ever before.

Colorful illustrations, 3-D reconstructions, and step-by-step sequences detail the latest scientific research about these magnificent creatures. Discover which baby dinosaurs had a footprint smaller than a fifty-cent coin, witness how a recent discovery has brought scientists closer to truly knowing dinosaurs' coloring, and meet the scientists who have unearthed groundbreaking revelations. Dinosaurs and reptiles from around the world are shown in concise detail, including the giants discovered in Tanzania, the remarkable early bird fossils found in the Jehol Biota ecosystem in China, and the dinosaur bone bed in New Mexico.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • For readers ages 7 - 12 years
  • Written by Dr. Michael Benton