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"KamiJo Whiteclay" Print by Adam Sings In the Timber

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KamiJo Whiteclay is a descendant of Chief Pretty Eagle. Her Crow name is Daaxpitche Axpaaliash "Bear Medicine".

Indigenizing Colonized Spaces

A portrait project by photographer Adam Sings In The Timber featuring Native people wearing traditional and modern regalia in metropolitan settings. This on-going series reminds people that wherever they are in the United States, they are standing on land once inhabited by Indigenous people.

  • Size: 8" W x 10" H
  • Part of the Indigenizing Colonized Spaces series
  • KamiJo Whiteclay, Apsáalooke by Adam Sings in the Timber, 2018

About Adam Sings In The Timber

Adam Sings In The Timber is an Apsáalooke/Crow photojournalist and portrait photographer currently based in Providence, RI. Originally from Billings, MT, Sings In The Timber travels all over the US documenting Native American people through photography while also making portraits for his "Indigenizing Colonized Spaces" portrait series.