Flesh Eating Beetle Lapel Pin

Flesh Eating Beetle Lapel Pin

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Rock out to our collection inspired by the Field Museum's flesh-eating beetles. The flesh-eating beetles have been a Field Museum staple since the 1940s, helping to clean many of the specimens you see on display. This collection celebrates this unique technique by featuring illustrations by American artist Stanley Mouse—designer of multiple Grateful Dead album covers and our Everything is Dead collection. This flesh eating beetle rocking out on a guitar lapel pin is perfect for your tote bag, backpack, jacket, and more!

Flesh-eating beetles are natural scavengers. They obtain all of their nutrients from the flesh and skin of dead animals. Roadside kills often attract them (as well as other varied forms of insect life), these insects work together to bring the decomposition process to completion, completing the cycle of life.

  • Size: 1.25" W x 1.5" H
  • A Stanley Mouse x Field Museum collaboration