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King Tut Wooden Stencil Ruler

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A king at age of just nineteen years old, King Tutankhamun became world famous when his tomb was discovered intact by Howard Carter in 1923. The small tomb was filled to the brim with some of the most astonishing artifacts ever found.

The hieroglyphic alphabet is one of the world's first know languages. The hieroglyphic alphabet contains thousands of characters, some representing sounds, other representing whole words and ever phrases. This stencil/ruler shows the hieroglyphic symbols which represent sounds that are quite close to the English language. Note that these hieroglyphics represent sounds, and not letters. Therefore, the letter 'C' would be the basket symbol when translating 'Carol' (for the hard 'C' sound), but it would be the cloth or the bolt symbol when translating 'Peace' (for the soft 'C' or 'S' sound).

Also, some hieroglyphic symbols represent more than one English letter because their sounds are so similar (such as the viper for both 'F' and the 'V').

Material: Wood
Made in Egypt

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