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Personalized Sterling Silver Open Cartouche Pendant

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Translate any name or word into hieroglyphs to make your own Personalized Sterling Silver Cartouche Pendant Necklace. Your traditional piece of jewelry will be custom made, by hand, in the ancient bazaar of Khan el Kalili in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. The open style makes the hieroglyphs really stand out and give it a delicate, unique look.

At checkout, leave an Order Note of the name/word you would like translated.

  • Sizes:
    • Small (2-3 Symbols), 1.5" L
    • Medium (4-5 Symbols), 1.75" L
    • Large (6-7 Symbols), 2" L
    • X-Large (8-9 Symbols), 2.25" L
  • Sterling silver 18" chain included
  • One symbol equals one letter in hieroglyphics, symbols cannot be chosen
  • Please ensure the length of the word matches the cartouche size
  • Each cartouche necklace is custom made. Allow 3 to 4 weeks to be shipped out